Who Inspired Me?

I recently received an email asking why I blogged about older adult health and nutrition.  The answer, of course, was clear to me but something that I hadn’t shared with many of you.  So here goes…

My childhood was blessed by wonderful relationships with two parents and three grandparents.  I spent lots of time in the summer at my grandparents playing and EATING!  Many of my memories are revolve around food, food preparation and meal time.

Ginger ale floats, fruit pies, fresh picked berries, chicken salad, sweet corn on the cob, dinner rolls, biscuits, cinnamon toast, BLTs, spaghetti, oyster stew and red hot dogs are just a few of the foods that conjure up the best of memories. These memories are not only about food but about the hands that prepared them…the same hands that gave me endless hugs, wiped away tears, played card games, sewed Easter dresses and helped me catch baby frogs.

My mother’s parents are gone now, but their memories are still with me.   My Grandpa let me ride his tractor, taught be about gardening and being kind to animals.  My Grandma taught me patience and love.  I will forever remember trips to the local nursing home with my Grandma Josephine. These visits laid the foundation for my interest in healthcare and aging.

My father’s mother was young and active when I was small. Grandma C is my father’s mother and she helped me become interested in health and nutrition.

Amanda and Grandma C










She was the best cook!  If she touched it I knew it was going to be delicious!!  She was a home extension agent (the earliest type of dietitian) and often told me about the health benefits of food.

Amanda and Grandma C (1980s)








Her aging and healthcare journey have helped me realize the lack of resources around aging and nutrition.  A stroke in the summer of 2009 left significant damage in her brain. Her dementia can make the days long and the visits sometimes difficult but we are lucky (and thankful) that she didn’t lose her beautiful smile, her feistiness and love for her family (and butter pecan ice cream).

Amanda and Granmda C (Now)








My hope is that through this blog – and Twitter- we can connect you to nutrition knowledge that will make your life healthier and more successful.

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