Favorite Reads for Easier Chewing and Swallowing

IMG_1495Like previous years, I’ve been on the road most of June and July visiting my students.  I’ve traveled 3200 car miles and taken 5+ plane rides.  Our students have done a 
spectacular job this summer during their clinical internships!!  Way to go Class of 2013!!

I’ve also done a lot of talking and researching about dysphagia and how to best prepare easy to chew and swallow foods.  As we learn more about this topic I realize that many foodservice operations and caregivers don’t have access to some really great resources.

If you are trying to tackle pureed foods or thickened liquids for your loved one there are two books that you must read.

1.  Soft Foods for Easier Eating by Sandra Woodruff, RD and Leah Gilbert-Henderson, PhD.  You will find techniques in meal preparation and gain access to some of the most flavorful and delicious recipes.  The authors have done an excellent job tackiling some hard to puree foods like pasta,  beef and fish.

Flavorful Fortified Foods2.  Flavorful Fortified Food by Digna Cassens MHA, RD and Linda S. Eck Mills MBA, RD, FADA.  If you have been looking for quick and easy ways to add LOTS of calories and protein this book with be your answer.  Digna and Linda have given you small portions that pack in the calories, protein and vitamins and minerals.  If the idea of an easy to prepare 8oz/1cup milkshake  made with real food that has 550kcals and 13 grams of protein sounds appealing…you will love this book!!

Happy Reading and it is good to be back!! ~Amanda