Creative ways to swallow crushed medications

If you are helping someone with medication management you may have encountered the need to “hide” their crushed pills in food.  Of course, we aren’t doing this to be deceitful but to help “the medicine go down”…as Mary Poppins would say.  Our goal is to use the food as the delivery method for the crushed medications.

It sounds easy until the person tires of the food or “discovers” the food is the delivery method for medications.  This may sound familiar to those of you who care for adults with dementia.

Here are some of my ideas on foods that can be used to deliver crushed meds:

-Yogurt (get the full-fat, whole milk kind: it works much better)
-pureed fruit (any kind…bananas, apricots, strawberries, mixtures)  We use the Gerber pureed fruits a lot (they are real tasty!!).
-Pimento cheese (delicious on a cracker)
-Any kind of salad (egg, tuna, etc.)
-Ice cream (just scooped)
-Grits (or Farina)
-Cheese dip (like pub cheese)
-Any kind of little debbie cake (I know, not what you thought you’d hear the dietitian say…but you can cut a swiss roll (or oatmeal cream pie, etc.) in half, put the meds in the cream and then put back together and serve with a fork). They are soft, easy to chew and have tons of flavor.
-Pudding or Mousse
-Avocados or mild guacamole
-Cottage cheese
-Cream cheese
Of course we aren’t talking a lot of volume for any of these…Enjoy!
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